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Because the listing for a Jeep Club on represents the Jeep Club, it is best that someone affiliated with the Jeep Club who has a role in handling the membership or day to day operations is the one that creates the listing for their Jeep Club.  If you are a Jeep Club member, please inform the Club leadership that they should list their Jeep Club on  Here are a few reasons why having the listing managed by a specific person with the Jeep Club is important.

  1. The listing represents the Jeep Club.  Visitors to the website will select a location and be able to quickly and easily view Jeep Clubs in that area.  When they click on the listing for a Jeep Club, they will have a chance to read information about the Jeep Club and may decided to contact the Jeep Club througn a button on the listings page or click the button to go directly to the Jeep Club's website.
  2. There is a button on the page for each Jeep Club listing.  This button is tied into the email address inputted when entering information about the Jeep Club.  A visitor that clicks that button will be taken to a form that they can use to contact the Jeep Club through the email that is used in the listing.  If no email is listed, the button will redirect the contact form submission to our webmaster account.  It is always better to have the Jeep Club's email associated with the page so the contact informaton goes straight to the Jeep Club.
  3. There is a button on the page that will allow the visitor to click and be taken directly to the Jeep Club's website.  If no website is listed, this button will not be available.  It is always better to have an easy way for visitors to go to your Jeep club's page.
  4. The manager of the listing for the Jeep Club can login at any time and update their Jeep Club's information. This ensures that visitors see accurate information.
  5. The manager of the listing will also be able to reply directly to comments left by visitors on the Jeep Club's listing page.  The manager of the page is representing the Jeep Club

If it is determined that a listing was created by someone other than Jeep Club leadership, or if personnel within a club have changed out, the Jeep Club can contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and upon request and verification that the correspondence is from official Jeep Club leadership, we will transfer control of the listing to a new manager requested by the Jeep Club.


Below are some best practices for entering information about your Jeep club.

  • Club Name:  The title would be the Jeep Club's name. 
  • Club Description: Add a description of your club.  In most cases, this could be taken from the "about" page that many clubs have listed on their website.  It is recommended that if you are copying and pasting information from a Jeep Club's website, you copy and paste the information into a program like Notepad first to strip all the formatting.  Then copy and paste that information into the Club Description section.  Try not to get too fancy with the fonts such as making a lot of text bold, making text larger, etc..  Visitors will look at the page and if it does not present a professional and easy to read appearance, they may move on to another club.
  • Address: Enter the street address if known
  • City: Enter the city that the Club is centered around.  Sometimes it may be the city where they hold the most events.  Adding the city allows the club to be plotted on an interactive google map to allow visitors to easily see Jeep Clubs closest to them.
  • State:  The state where the club operates out of should be listed.
  • Country: Enter the country where the club operates.
  • Postcode:  If known, enter the zipcode/postcode for the club.  This aids in proper mapping.
  • Club Phone #:  If the Jeep Club has a phone number which can be called for more information, list it.
  • Club Email: This email address is used for the "contact the club" button.  Anyone that clicks that button and sends a message will send it to the email listed.  This may be an email for the membership coordinator, the president of the Jeep Club or a general information email address/
  • Club Website: If the club has a website or facebook page, list it here and the visitors can get their easily by clicking a button on the page.
  • Vehicles allowed:  Do you allow just Jeep vehicles or all 4x4 vehicles?
  • Member of:  We tried to list as many organization as we were aware of.  Click the box next to the organization that your Jeep Club is a member of.  If an organization is missing, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will add it and then we will add it to your Jeep Club listing.
  • Map:  Because you entered an address (as detailed above), click the "Locate in Map" button to put the pin for your Jeep Club on the map.  If you do not do this, the club will not be featured on the interactive map.
  • Images:  Add some images.  The first image that you add will be shown as a thumbnail for your club in all listings on the site.  If you have a club logo, make it the first image.  You can enter a few images, so group photos, photos of Jeep trail rides, and other photos that show what your Jeep Club is all about will help visitors to learn more about your club.
  • Submit the information.  Once you submit the information it will be listed on the website.

You can edit the information for the page at any time.  Just login to your account and edit away,