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Lone Star Jeep Club

Hijacked Jeeperby

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Hold your Forum Account for Ransom
The Lone Star Jeep Club claims to be made of volunteers but charges $35 to be a member. When you signup at the Lone Start Jeep Club forums, your profile is part of being a paid member. Unlike other forums, that let all members access their profile and edit information, if you have not paid your dues, you cannot access it.

Once you pay, in the FAQ they claim it will take 2 days to activate your account. But that is not true, then others in the organization will bully you because you would like what was promised for $35.00 to access your personal information on the forum profile.

The Lone Star Jeep club is unprofessional, does not fulfill written agreements and will hold your personal information hostage unless you pay these volunteers $35.00 per year to access your forum profile.